Tour d'horizon de XMPP 13 : Articles, présentations et événements

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XMPP Roundup 13: Articles, talks and events

As the XMPP Roundup posts are growing longer each time we send one out, we’ve decided to split them into smaller posts, each covering a different aspect of XMPP news:

  • Articles, talks and events
  • Software
  • Services
  • Specifications

So, here is the first of the “Articles, talks and events” posts.

XMPP Roundup translations

The previous XMPP Roundup 12 has been translated into spanish thanks to naw and french thanks to Misc and Nÿco. If you can translate the Roundups into other languages, please do so.

GAEJ + XMPP and rolling your own Agent

Romin Irani, also author of the bloodbanklocator covered on the XMPP Roundup, has written an article on how to write an XMPP agent for GAEJ (Goole App Engine Java): “Episode 2 : GAEJ + XMPP and rolling your own Agent” and “Episode 2 : Update : Communicating to another XMPP Account via your Bot“. This is the second article in a series of four, the others are more generally focused on GAEJ, and not specific to XMPP.

Realtime Blogging with IM and

“Realtime Blogging with IM and” is a video showing how to be notified in real-time of new blog posts and comments using the XMPP service that already has been covered on the XMPP Roundup.

XMPP and SIMPLE: A Comparative Study

Vinay has written an article comparing XMPP and SIMPLE, introducing both, describing their architectures, and of courses their strengths and weaknesses.

Really Real Time view to Twitter

Jebu Ittiachen has posted a screencast showing really real-time Twitter views. He used ejabberd, Strophe, and erlang, in order to get the Twitter stream and distribute it over XMPP and BOSH.

The Google Wave buzz

Google Wave, the new real-time communication tool, has seen a lot of buzz on the internet these days, here a quick collection of links:

  • Federate This: announcing a federated instance of Google Wave, provided by Google
  • Federate Google Wave sandbox with your own (FedOne) server. Here is the step-by-step guide and tutorial: the title speack for itself
  • Novell Pulse: an announcement of a new product to be released in 2010, integrating Wave
  • The Complete Guide to Google Wave: a book available on a Mediawiki as well as PDF and paper edition, under a CC by-sa license
  • WaveBoard is both a Mac OS X and iPhone Wave client, based on a Safari SSB (Site-specific browser or Single-site browser)
  • Google Wave Use Cases: Arts & Filmmaking: an interesting insight into the mass entertaining wrting methodologies impacts
  • What is Google Wave and what it’s not: an outline of the tool as it is today
  • Google Wave and XMPP ~ Beginning of Web 3.0: a short introduction
  • Google Wave: we came, we saw, we played D&D: Ars Technica investigates RPG as a use case
  • What problems does Google Wave solve?: this articles lists the actual issues with today’s tools, and how they could be addressed by Wave
  • Google Wave: Early Impressions
  • The complete list of Google WaveGadgets, Robots and Servers

ProcessOne: Sea Beyond

ProcessOne has organized and run an event dubbed Sea Beyond, on real-time communications, in Paris.

Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc.

Instant Messaging Freedom, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose goal is to support free instant messaging software. A primary purpose of the organization is to manage the affairs of Adium, Finch, Pidgin, Vulture and libpurple. The president is Sean Egan, the vice president Mark Doliner, the secretary Luke Schierer, the treasurer Ethan Blanton, and the directors are John Bailey, Evan Schoenberg, and Mark Spencer.

Beautiful XMPP Testing

Remko Tronçon, member of the XSF’s Council, has written a part of the book Beautiful Testing. He has put online this part, Beautiful XMPP Testing, as a PDF file.

Strategic Guide: Instant Messaging and Security

ProcessOne has released a Strategic Guide on Instant Messaging Security: it examines the real risks associated with instant messaging in corporate environments and explains how to mitigate them.

XMPP Is Not Bloated

Peter SaintAndre has reacted on his blog about usual allegations of the heaviness of XMPP.

Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery

Jack Moffitt, CTO of Collecta and member of the XSF Board of Directors, has written an XMPP book: Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery.

Real Time Web with XMPP

Once again, the very same Jack Moffitt gave a talk on XMPP JSConf 2009. The slides as well as the video ar available at InfoQ.

Diagram for XMPP connection

One of the most difficult part when developping a new XMPP client is the connection mechanism workflow. Tim Bielawa has drawn a state transitions diagram that might be very helpful to thousands of developpers worldwide.

hack-a-thon XMPP meetup

A “hack-a-thon XMPP meetup” is being held at 6:00pm on November 4th at the PariSoMa coworking space in San Francisco. If you’re interested in joining in plase RSVP by following the link at the bottom of this blog post.

Gadu-Gadu transport

Mietek Bak has given a talk about the Gadu-Gadu transport he is developping, based on the libgadu library. Gadu-Gadu is a very successful proprietary IM system in Poland. The slides are available in PDF.

Final word

You are encouraged to point your microblog to this article, as well as translate it, or even expand one or more of these paragraphs into real articles.

Stay tuned for further parts of this Roundup on software, services, and specifications.